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A Visit - Trailer
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by Jianjie Lin

China/USA/Singapore, 2017


Drama, Short

Screenwriter | Director 

Jianjie Lin   


Alexandra Hsu, Yue Zheng 

Executive Producer        

Jianjie Lin, Miao Jin       


Yiwen Wang, Xi Xue


Thomas Wood


Jianjie Lin, David Anthony Soto

Location Sound

Morgan Yen

Sound Post-production

Benjamin L'hotelier

Color Correction

Technicolor Shanghai

Produced by

New York University Tisch School of the Arts

D‘ELE Motion

in association with

Alexandra House Productions


Shengsheng Zhao

Yang Xu

Yangtai Yan


On a gloomy day, Gu takes a train back to his hometown for the first time in years to reunite with his wife and son - in court.

Director's Statement

What attracts me, more than the still controversial issue of divorce in small Chinese towns and the emotional turmoils involved, more than a father’s endeavor to connect with his son, is the idea of a man trapped by his own facade, a man who is incapable of connecting even with his family.

We follow Gu's journey home to meet with his wife and son. We observe, without judgements, what might be their last moment together. The distance between them is laid bare by the closeness. To each one of them, questions are posed, answers yet to be found.

Development Support

Tisch School of the Arts Thesis Script Competition 1st Prize

Festival Selections

Foyle Film Festival

Pingyao International Film Festival

First Run Film Festival (Best Film, Best Cinematography, Best Screenplay)

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