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YUE ZHENG | Producer

Yue graduated from Shanghai Film Academy. He was the manager of Ker Sound, a Shanghai-based French music & sound post-production studio for 6 years, before becoming a commercial producer and head of motion picture department at D’ELE.


With experience in over 50 productions (films, commercials, TV and web series), many of which international co-productions, Yue is now following his own path as a film producer. He produced writer-director Jianjie Lin’s short film Gu. He was also actively involved in End of Summer (2017), a feature film by Zhou Quan, winner of KNN audience award at 2017 Busan International film festival. 


Yue worked closely with Hollywood writer-producer Max Borenstein (Kong: Skull Island) during Shanghai International Film Festival (2017).

YIWEN WANG | Producer

Double majored in film studies and management at University of Sydney, Yiwen joined Les Petites Lumieres, a French-Chinese production company, in 2009, where she worked on the research and development of several feature films, including Crosscurrent by Yang Chao, winner of Best Cinematography at 2016 Berlin International Film Festival, and UFO in Her Eyes (TIFF 2011). Later on she worked as an editor at the LA and Shanghai-based multi-disciplinary content creation studio Must Films.


She became an independent producer in 2014. Collaborating with Chinese and international crew, she produced short films, documentaries, web series and TV commercials, whose budget ranges from zero to 4 million RMB. She recently co-produced short film Gu, and Lily’s Pain Store (in post-production). In 2017, she co-founded First Light, with the aim of broadening the spectrum of Chinese cinema.

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